Application for the 2018 Summer Fun Program is now closed

Application and Agreement for Enrollment

This is your application to the Delta Life Skills Society Summer Fun Program. Please complete all of the documents attached and bring with you to the Annual General Meeting. Attendance at the AGM is Mandatory.
  • due March 1st (refer to participation letter)
  • Applications will not be accepted without payment. Late or NSF Payments will result in your child's application going to a waitlist. A charge of $25 will apply for any NSF cheques.

    A recent wallet size photograph of your child (school photo) MUST BE INCLUDED with your application.

    I/We understand that attendance at the AGM with payment, does not guarantee a placement in Summer Fun. If Delta Life Skills Society is unable to place a child, a full refund will be provided.

    I/We give my/our consent and permission for the publication, internal and external (promotional material, website) of any photographs, slides, or film on my/our child that may be taken while my/our child is in the program.

  • It is important that all of the pages of the application package are completed, as one copy goes to administration and one will go to the staff working with your child. Please be as detailed as possible.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
  • Behaviours

  • School

  • By submitting this application and agreement, I/we give consent to the Program Director and Delta Life Skills Society to speak to my/our child's teacher if deemed necessary.
  • Self-Care Skills

  • Describe what toileting looks like for your child. An example of independent toileting would be a child who can go into a washroom stall on their own, wipe independently, pull up and down their pants without help, and can clean themselves appropriately after a bowel movement without assistance from anyone else. Please be as specific as possible so we can help your child in the most supportive way, especially in public.
  • Eating - Helpful Prompts / Strategies (ex. First and then, Use assertive tone, etc):

  • Favourites

  • Select the first goal
  • Select the second goal
  • Select the third goal
  • Consent and Acknowledgments

  • I/We hereby give Delta Life Skills Society my/our full consent and permission to allow my/our child to participate in any and all supervised field trips or outings of any nature or kind during the period that my/our child is under the care of Delta Life Skills Society.

    As members of Delta Life Skill Society, I/we agree to support and participate in at least 3 fundraising efforts initiated by the Board of Directors, otherwise, I/we agree that additional fees will apply.

    I/We believe that I/we have given as accurate a profile of my child as possible and have disclosed all pertinent information that could affect my/our child's experience at Summer Fun. If I/we have failed to disclose any information that could affect the staff, other children, or my/our child, it is understood that this lack of information could result in my/our child being suspended from the program at the sole discretion of Delta Life Skills Society.

  • Please insure you have reviewed the Schedule "A" form.
  • If you would like a copy of your application for your records, please provide an email address in the field below and a copy of the application will be sent. Or please print your browser screen now as it will no longer be available once you hit the submit button.
  • to receive a copy of the enrollment form